Temple 2017

The Temple is a place of refuge, mourning, and healing. The Temple Burn is a solemn ritual; a cleansing, a rite of passage, a pyre. We are honored to create and share this project with the Burning Man community to help continue this tradition of healing.

The form of the Temple begins with life out of balance. Throughout the Sierra Nevada, species of pine trees are dying, compromised by a bark beetle which has proliferated due to human interruption of the cycle of forest fires and climate change. The material of these trees, donated to our project, harvested and milled, becomes the basic building block of the Temple.

This will be the 18th incarnation of The Temple. It has become a treasured civic component of Black Rock City and our communities around the world. Its meaning and purpose are ultimately beyond what any person or group can define. We believe that The Temple has had and will continue to have profound life impacting effects on the community of people that it serves. When someone who carries a great burden of pain is truly healed, healing will ripple through the world for generations. We would be honored to work on a project that can have this effect. We hope to build the temple for this person: we hope to build the temple for you!