Although for most, the Temple exists for the week in which it is installed at Burning Man, for the numerous volunteers who work to make it a reality, it is a year long labor. It begins with ideas and conversations, is developed and detailed through a design process, is refined and made real through the work of great builders, and is finally imbued with meaning through the memorials of those who make use of it at Burning Man.

We build the temple for all people.
We build the temple for you!



Interlocking timber pieces in formation become a Temple that is both cloud and spire; inverted pyramidal columns suggest the negative-space of a forest canopy, simultaneously supporting a vast pagoda-like ‘cloud’ framework.



These initial concepts are explored through simple drawings that attempt to capture some essential, simple reflection of the concept.



Details of sourcing the material for the project are researched once the design is more or less decided. In this case, the design concept was really built on the compelling story and ecological message behind our material, beetle killed pine.



We constructed a scale model to resolve large scale archiectural gestures with approximations of our final construction details. At this stage, the design becomes much more real.



A dedicated team of volunteers gathers weekend after weekend to prefabricate many elements of the final structure.



In the weeks leading up to the event, months of preparation and the work of hundreds of volunteers take the project to completion.